Heather Resources

All About Heather Uses

The estimated life of a heather plant is forty or fifty years.  That is generations of joy!  And it has many uses too.  Bees enjoy heather and produce a fine heather honey.  Heather is used in the making of ale and wine.  It’s also the age old material of brooms, thatched roofs, baskets, and herbal remedies.  More recently, heather is being used as “eco-friendly” confetti for weddings and other celebrations. 

All About the Best Book About Heather

The popularity of heather is growing as the population grows and more information on it becomes available.  The book most frequently cited as helpful to the novice and experienced gardener is titled:  Handy Guild to Heather written by the members of The Heather Society.  It is known as the heather and heath growers’ bible, listing 1100 cultivars with descriptions of their characteristics.  There is an online version at http://www.users.zetnet.co.uk/heather/handy_guide.html

All About the Heather Experts Society

The Heather Society was formed in 1963 in the United Kingdom and today has a web site with extensive information on many different aspects of heather.  Travelers will find a list of heather gardens to visit around the world.  They also accept questions about heather gardening by email (they attempt to answer questions within 24 hours).

There is a North American Heather Society with six chapters in Canada and the United States.  They also have a web site at:  http://www.northamericanheathersoc.org and it offers helpful information for heather gardening in that part of the world.

Now You Know All About Heather

The information on this site will get you on the way to knowing all about heather, visiting the heather society sites will offer even more detailed information (propagation, cultivars, etc.) but before you decide to plant your heather garden, click on the gardeners hardiness zone map (found on both society web pages) and see if your live where heather thrives!